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+What is the HRFC value proposition?

People practices and HR Management has acquired critical importance over the years, hence needs to be managed by experts. HRFC will bring in paradigm shift in the way HR is being managed with innovative solutions and proactive approach thereby adds value to HR proposition.

+Why should even small firms (20 to 100 employees) be concerned with HRM?

ASmall firms, with limited opportunities, limited markets and limited resources, must use every means available for improving performance and insuring survival, apart from following the laws of the land. Hence efficient HR will contribute to great extent in making the organisation successful.

+How is it cost effective?

  • Cost effective for all:
    • Existing Corporates: As an external consultant will provide value added services to the existing HR Operations, making HR a strategic partner.
    • SMEs: Efficient and effective HR Management, without having senior HODs and a big team and high cost on permanent rolls.
    • Start Ups and Expansions: Complete road map and strong HR from the day one. Standard protocols and procedures to have sustained contribution.
  • All the above services, based on the need and requirements. Hence would be cost effective.

+Who can avail the services?

  • Existing Corporates, with a list of value added services to strengthen the HRM function stronger.
  • Small & Medium Enterprises, wish to make HR, a strategic partner for their business growth and sustenance.
  • Start Ups / Business Expansions who wish to have strong HR with complete road map from the beginning.

+What are the unique features of HRFC?

HRFC is a one point service provider for all HR needs. Caters to all sizes’ of the organisations in all the Sectors. In short, HRFC will be a ready reckoner for every HR solution.

+What are the modes of the service delivery?

Personal meetings, needs’ study, custom made solutions, on-line and off-line service tools and regular updates.

+Do they ensure consistency in service quality?

Yes. Experienced professionals continue to provide quality services with time lines, on Retainer basis.

+Will it work for my kind of industry?

Yes. HR Solutions are Sector wise and Organization specific.

+Where can I get these services?

Call us on the Numbers or Mail Us your requirements. Will come and meet you personally to explore further.

+What is professional HR, we all talk about? What is the HR’s new role?

HR’s new role is to be strategic business partner. It strategizes, guides and provides right people solutions to the business for its continuous growth and sustenance. In the process they provide significant support and advice to the management.

+What more HRFC can do for Business growth?

  • VHRFC is responsible for hiring and protecting your company’s most important asset-people. Without strong, satisfied and motivated people in place your business will not grow to its potential.
  • VHRFC also handles Organizational Development, Change Management, Continuous Process Improvement, as well as Benefits Administration, Recruitment, Policy Analysis, and Training.
  • VHRFC helps in controlling people costs and increasing productivity with structured plans and optimising human resources.
  • VHRFC professionals can build measurable strategies to address turnover, low morale and underperforming employees.
  • VHRFC can instil in employees a clear understanding of what your organization is trying to achieve and why. It also contributes to enhance enthusiasm about your team’s and organization’s goals.
  • VHRFC drives satisfaction into employees with the work they have done at the end of the day/week.
  • VHRFC can instil confidence into the employees that their organization enables them to execute key goals.
  • VHRFC can create/ foster open communication that is respectful of differing opinions and that results in new and better ideas.
  • VHRFC can make the employees feel that their organization holds people accountable for results.
  • VHRFC can develop teamwork with high-trust, highly cooperative working relationships with other groups or departments.

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